Client Satisfaction


Janie N..."It’s been six months since hypnosis and I’m sleeping through the night!!!  I never thought this could happen. Now I know what it is like to feel rested after a full-nights’ sleep. You said it would work and it did. Thank You!!!"  

Jermaine W..."I just realized hypnosis worked for me!  Do you remember, about three months ago, I came to your office worried about having to speak in front of 200 people at my church? I've done it twice and each time my hands weren’t sweating. It felt great not being nervous.  I got a ton of compliments. THANK YOU."  

Bob S..."As you know, I was hesitant about hypnosis when we first met.  Now I’m a believer!  Hypnosis works!  I'm so glad you helped me relax and trust the process.  My restless leg isn't restless any more.  Thank you very much."   

Mary V... "OMG, I did it. (Or should I say, we did it!) I weighed-in at Weight Watchers last week and I met my goal to lose 23 pounds!  Thank you for supporting me through Weight Watchers. It was that extra boost of willpower you helped me with that kept me going back each week.  I’ll be forever grateful to you, hypnosis, and Weight Watchers. "  

Ruth G..."Thank you!  I was able to enjoy my family this holiday season for the first time in a very long time.  I felt free of the criticism and sadness I felt at every family event.  You said it best, “It’s our own thoughts that sometimes create our unhappiness”.  I had so much fun watching my family's dynamic but not getting stuck in it!